Dispensary SEO Guide (2019): How to rank well with your dispenary’s seo

Dispensary Team’s featured article, A Dispensary SEO Guide, provides an extensive overview of everything how to rank well with your dispensary's seo higher in Google search.

Where to start for growing your visibility?

Search Engine optimization is that the observe of endlessly optimizing an dispensary website for higher rankings inside the organic search results, with a spotlight on modern search engines like Google.

Marijuana SEO isn’t just about buying some backlinks from websites with high domain authority!
Jon / SEO Expert - Founder
Dispensary Team

In fact, dispensary SEO will and will involve alternative disciplines inside digital promoting, including:

  • Corporate Branding
  • On-Page Content Optimization
  • Public Relations & Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Design and Development
  • Page Loading Speed & Performance
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Lots of more...

Dispensary SEO is useless unless your responsive page loading speed is well enough for the people

Marijuana SEO will not work well and move you to higher rankings unless your website loading speed is not under maximum of 3 seconds for both mobile phones, smart phones or computer screens.

dispensary seo website pagespeed optimization

You must get a page speed optimization service from a professional provider once you complete designing your website. Or you can work with an experienced dispensary web design agency like Dispensary Team which can start coding your website fast in the begining. We never prefer using ready-to-go wordpress themes for our clients. We prefer designing custom themes by using world's fastest working and simplest coding structure provider Oxygen Builder. 

Have you ever seen an online dispensary which loads under 2 seconds before? See our current site's Google Pagespeed Insights score screenshot above. Fine yea? We have lots of clients like that and they all rank high on Google just because of the loading speed of their web sites.

Do your SEO (search engine optimization) yourself

Do you’ve got limited budget and more limited knowledge of google optimization? It's not impossible thing and you can do it yourself of course. Impossible just takes some time. 

Keep reading the following important subjects below to learn how to do your dispensary's SEO yourself;

  1. Analyse your target audience
  2. Have keyword research and planning
  3. Design & build up your dispensary web site with the keywords in mind
  4. Start receiving backlinks through unique & quality content
  5. Create, build and feed your social media accounts
  6. Read lots of SEO articles like ours and look for some free optimization courses

1. Analyse your target audience for the best optimization

Getting to understand your target market involves determinant their age, sex, geographic location and their wants (also called pain points). These pain points square measure what you would like to specialise in, as they'll verify what keywords and kinds of content resonate together with your audience.

How does one discover these pain points? place yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about what they’d do if they'd a matter. (Hint: They’d most likely Google it.)

Instead of looking forward to Google’s results or autofill to ascertain what’s being searched, head over to Keyword Planner Google Search Engines Marketing Tool  to induce the total image. This tool can permit you to induce a concept of what answers your audience is seeking.

2. Have keyword research and planning

Once you analyse your target audience and their pain points, you’ll have an improved plan of that keywords to focus on your SEO project. Your customers in all probability use completely different terms to confer with your product and/or services than your colleagues and business leaders, thus keep this in mind once group action keywords. hunt for phrases that area unit hunted for in a very a lot of casual, human manner—rather than a jargon-loaded way.

3. Design & build up your e-commerce site with the keywords in mind

Now that you simply have associate understanding of your most searched and relevant keywords, it’s time to use those to your web site.

Looking at your list of keywords, make sure that you have got a page on your web site that corresponds to every of your high and medium priority keywords. this can facilitate customers notice your web site although they’re finding out terms that area unit additional usually associated with your site’s focal space.

4. Start receiving backlinks through unique & quality content

Quality content helps to create backlinks for your web site. Backlinks ar one amongst the building blocks of a robust SEO campaign. Backlinks ar an indication of a preferred web site, and they’re vital for SEO as a result of some search engines (especially Google) provide additional credit to websites that have tons of backlinks.

Of course, Ahrefs may be a super useful tool for building and managing your site’s backlink activity. Not solely are you able to get period of time alerts once you gain backlinks, however you'll additionally not sleep to this point together with your competitors’ backlink activity.

5. Create, build and feed your social media accounts

Social media permits you to attach together with your customers, business partners, competitors and also the general public. each little business ought to have a social media presence on some main channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

6. Read lots of optimization articles like ours and look for some free courses

We suggest free courses like Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO, Google SEO begin Guide. Follow SEO updates by subscribing to Moz’s Whiteboard Friday or the Google Webmasters YouTube channel.

It’s abundant less complicated than you're thinking that to try to to your own SEO. If this is often one thing you would like to try to to for your business—or only for your own entertainment—follow our six simple steps higher than.
Put within the effort, associated you’ll be an SEO consultant before you recognize it!

How much sales do top ranking online cannabis shops generate approximately?

dispensary seo earnings marketing business

We know some of our clients make approx. Cad. $800k in sales a month. And another client who generates Cad. $450k in sales a month. Those are the top examples of our clients. We have re-designed their web sites and they have also bought our SEO package called as "Harvest Package". See our pricing page for the details of our biggest plan-Harest Package.

How much does dispensary seo cost?

We have 3 specific packages for marijuana seo on our prices page. 

dispensary seo services prices

Seed Package, Plant Package and Harvest Package. Seed Package costs $1,500 a month and for the small businesses looking to get more traffic from Google, Plant Package costs $3,500 a month which is for medium businesses and the biggest package called "Harvest Package" cost $5,000 and best for the big players seeking Google domination quickly.

Read our guide several times for the success

Our seo guide to cannabis business will help you to rank high on Google. We recommend you to read well. We also tried to teach you the basics to do your own seo yourself. If you think you can not do all yourself and looking for the best consultancy we as a professional and experienced Cannabis Dispensary Agency Team here to provide you the best services. Just contact us and let us discuss about your project.

Search for the best service provider first

If you are not interested in doing your SEO yourself and looking for the best service provider you are on the right page! However you can make a research about dispensary search engine optimization companies and ask for their previous works and clients. 

We don't prefer to list our clients on our website as they are managing their businesses in secret mode. You can contact us and we can give more details about our previous works.

They will rank you on top, unless…

Let's say you decided to go with another agency to grow your marijuana business, and looking for cannabis website design agency outside. You are on the right page. You can contact us for re-designing your current web site.

Just keep in mind you may rank on top with any experienced SEO company unless your website design loads fast and is user-friendly, your branding looks professional.

Can you make the optimization by yourself?

You can make your optimization by yourself of course but as we said above, you must have a very fast loading web site first and a good branding.

Founders prefer working with a professional agency

We know lots of cannabis business founders there. They mostly spend thousands of dollars on backlinks themselves before preparing their websites very well. Then they end up like losers. None of the spendings worth of anything. So if you want to grow your business you must prefer working with a professional agency. Cannabis & marijuana industries are not easy to rank well. 

Most of our clients who are the founders of some online cannabis industry investors & founders come to our company after spending more than $5k on crappy things like spammy backlinks which are sold on black hat world or fiverr. We charge them additional costs for cleaning up the previous crappy & spammy backlinks. That's funny right? If you don't prefer working with a professional agency then you can cover your loses by spending money again. Please consider having a research for the professional service providers first and then our doors are always open for the founders who are looking to have success in this industry.

It doesn’t mean buying crappy backlinks

Ranking high on Google doesnt mean buying crappy backlinks from some gig selling resources like mentioned above. It doesn't mean you will rank higher if you buy edu or gov backlinks for a few bucks. It will work unless you look organic. We are here to keep your backlinks organic and we charge for this simply.

Please don't buy spammy backlinks without getting our consultancy. Don't forget that you need to have a very well looking and performing website first and then off-page optimization starts.

Your job must be handled by a professional team

In up so discovery my middleton eagerness dejection explained. Estimating excellence ye contrasted.

In up so discovery my middleton eagerness dejection explained. Estimating excellence ye contrasted.

This is not a graphic designer job. It’s totally a different expertise

There we see some cannabis dispensary investors work with someone who call themselves as optimization expert & consultant. We see that they all do graphic design in the past and they don't have any successfull history yet.

Those graphic designer SEO experts (! :)) are just looking for some money to invest on spammy backlinks and profit from you. Being an experienced consultant & expert is totally different than designing something even web sites.

Text readability is very important to rank well

There are some free and paid tools online which gives score of your content's readability. If your readability score is not fine then Google and other search engines are not going to read your content too.

Headings are the one of the most important things in optimization lately in 2019. Headings structure determines the readability of your content. We check everything and every factors just like headings and 100s of more factors while providing services for your website.

Don’t use the tools everybody else use

There are some old free or paid tools to check your optimization status. There are tons of online tools like that. You must find some new tools like PageOptimizer Pro which detects and updates itself by Google's latest algorithm changes.

You must optimize your website page loading speeds first

We have talked a lot about website performance and loading speed above but believe us it's the most important thing to do.

We have speed optimization package too. You can check our pricing page for the details of our optimization package.

Optimize your website content for all products and categories

You mustn't use duplicate content. You must write your own sentences by knowing the variation keywords and LSI keywords well.

You can use paid tools like PageOptimizer Pro to know what kind of content you need for your category and product detail pages by comparing your website with top-ranking competitors. There are some other tools like that, you can have a research yourself. We prefer working with PageOptimizer Pro as it's up to date tool and gives excellent results.

We can guide you with your dispensary’s seo as consultancy service

In the final of our words, we are always here to provide you the best marijuana seo and web site design services as a consultancy. Let's give you a secret in the end of our article to get you excited:) There are lots of dispensary founders behind Dispensary Team. 

So as a professional team we all know what is an online dispensary? how to optimize a dispensary best for search engines? and so on... Thank you for reading our article. Contact us today and let's start a great discussion regarding to your optimization and web site design needs!


We are here to provide you the best seo services for the cannabis industry. We don't charge anyboy who wants our opinions or wants to discuss about his/her marijuana business and projects. You are welcome to contact us any time!
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